Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides professional and confidential help to faculty, staff, and their family members who are facing challenges. Most people have had some experience with the kind of problems that make it difficult to think about anything else. These can be problems caused by alcoholism, drug abuse, financial problems, marriage or family concerns, worries about health, or difficulties at work. These are all good reasons to contact the EAP. Consider the EAP your first stop in seeking resources to tackle life's challenges.

The EAP includes phone and web access to counselors, free face-to-face consultations, legal and financial resources, and much more. Contact information is provided in the sidebar of this page.

EAP Description

EAP Step-By-Step

Here's a closer look at the procedures to follow when you or a member of your family contact the EAP office.

  1. You will visit with an EAP counselor, and together you'll determine the nature of the problem.
  2. Working with the EAP counselor, you will decide on a course of action to resolve the problem.
  3. The EAP counselor will suggest the agency, professional person, treatment center or program best equipped to help you. Most often a formal referral must come from your Primary Care Physician, but a suggestion for who or what program to utilize can be very helpful.
  4. The EAP counselor will continue to work with you and the agency, program or professional to make sure you are getting the best possible assistance.

Self Referral

You or a family member may call the EAP office directly for information or to make an appointment. Your visit, what you discuss, and any resulting records pertaining to the service, are strictly confidential. What you talk about can't be released to anyone without your written authorization.

Supervisory Referral

If a personal problem is negatively affecting your work, your supervisor may suggest a call to the EAP office. Most supervisors don't have the training or expertise to determine the nature of your personal problem. They can only look at the job situation and your performance. If you choose to call the EAP office based on a supervisory referral, the only information the supervisor will receive is confirmation that you kept your appointment or not, and if there is a need for special arrangements or time off from work.

Utilizing the EAP will not jeopardize your position or future promotions with the university; in fact, it may enhance your abilities to correct a difficult situation. On the other hand, it doesn't excuse you from the usual disciplinary procedures. The EAP is simply an additional resource for both employees and supervisors.

Contact Your EAP

Cigna EAP

Magellan Health

Family & Children's Services

Free EAP Services

Neither you or your family members will be charged for the assessment and referral service you receive from the EAP. In most cases, additional counseling and treatment are partially covered by your employee health insurance.

HSC Overview

All HSC employees have access to EAP services through Magellan Health. Your program provides useful tools and resources that can help make the most out of your day or guide you through a difficult time. All confidential and at no cost to you. Some services offered by Magellan Health include:

  • Up to 6 counseling sessions for you and your eligible dependents or household members.
  • Legal & Financial Consultation
  • Work-life Services
  • TeleEAP Coaching
  • Web-based Confidential Care
  • View the EAP summary of services

Norman Overview

All Norman employees have access to EAP services through Cigna. EAP personal advocates will work with you and your household family members to help you resolve issues you may be facing. All services are confidential and at no cost to you.

LifeKeys by Lincoln

LifeKeys services provide assistance to you and your loved ones for a wide range of concerns, including preparing a will and handling identity theft to emotional well-being and final preparations. And your beneficiary can use these services for grief counseling and more should you pass away.

To access LifeKeys services: Call 1-855-891-3684 or visit www.GuidanceResources.com (First-time user: Click on "Register" and use the Web ID = LifeKeys)

Learn more: LifeKeys Brochure (PDF flyer)

TravelConnect by Lincoln

TravelConnect services cover emergency travel arrangements and free emergency medical help whenever you travel more than 100 miles from home for business or pleasure. Travel assistance services are subject to specific terms, conditions and limitations. A program description is available at www.Lincoln4Benefits.com. Once there, click the TravelConnect link and enter policy number 000010221305.

To use TravelConnect services, call UnitedHealthcare Global at 800-527-0218 or 410-453-6330, and provide them with ID number 322541.

Learn more: TravelConnect Employee Guide (PDF flyer)