Click the Self-Service button for your campus or program below. Use the login and password that you use for all campus computer resources.

Norman Self-Service

HSC Self-Service

In Self-Service, you can:

  • Review paycheck earnings statements
  • Update your contact information and emergency contacts
  • Update federal W-4 tax information and reprint W-2 tax statements
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Help: Which Campus Login Button to Use

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Username or OUNetID (4x4)   

Stealing passwords is one way that identity thieves gain access to personal information like your Social Security number, name, birth date, and benefits information. If you never change your password, it increases the likelihood that the password they've stolen will actually work.

Keep the thieves guessing and protect yourself by updating your password annually for Norman and every 90 days for HSC. Learn more about Norman password requirements and HSC password requirements.