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Time and Leave


The site is intended to provide guidance to HSC HR/Payroll Coordinators in

  • advising employees about the leave regulations of the Health Sciences Center
  • recording leave into the PeopleSoft HCM and maintaining that "official" record





Official record

PeopleSoft HCM (Human Capital Management) is the official record of leave for employees of OUHSC. 

Leave balances in HCM

Paid Leave (PTO) and extended sick leave (ESL) balances stored in the PeopleSoft HCM reflect the balance accrued as of the last day of the previous month.

Exception Time Reporting

To check PTO and ESL balances in PeopleSoft against departmental records, compare departmental records with the Departmental Register Report.

The paid leave and ESL accrual balances shown on the Departmental Register Report are for the previous month.

Remember, you are reporting pay for the current month and deducting exception time for the previous month.

Leave posted to Job Record

In addition to posting PTO and ESL hours during monthly payroll processing, the following types of leave should also be posted to the Job Record within PeopleSoft HCM:

  • Leave without pay
  • FMLA
  • Workers Compensation
  • Military leave

Temporary Worker Appointment and Special Pay Request form

To verify direct deposits and supplemental payroll information, refer to the Departmental Payroll Report forwarded by Payroll to all departments after each payroll.

Records Retention

Colleges and Departments are required to retain employee timesheets and employee leave requests for three (3) years.  Records may be destroyed

  1. after all audits have been completed and all applicable audit reports have been accepted and resolved;
  2. provided no legal actions are pending.  If legal action is pending, destroy 2 years after exhaustion of all legal remedies; and
  3. an Agency Notice of Intent to Destroy Records has been submitted to and approved by the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.


Paid leave


Accrued hours that may be used by twelve-month faculty and staff, with supervisory approval, for paid time off.

Summary of Policy

To accrue paid leave employees must hold a continuous appointment of at least 50% Full Time Equivalent (FTE).  

FTE is based on the total of all hours in an employee’s active job record(s). One (1.00) FTE = 173.33 standard hours each month.

Leave accrual rates are based on employment category and/or years of service. Accrual maximums are the same for all employees of an employment category regardless of FTE.

Nine and ten month faculty, medical residents, temporary and student employees do not accrue paid leave.

When does leave accrue?

Eligible employees will accrue leave when on:

  • Paid leave
  • Paid leave-FMLA
  • Sabbatical (full or half  pay)
  • Paid administrative leave
  • Paid military leave
  • Judicial Leave

When does leave not accrue?

Paid Leave will not accrue for the amount of time or percentage of time an employee is on:

  • Leave without pay
  • Extended sick leave
  • Military leave without pay
  • VA or non-university funding
  • Leave without pay-FMLA
  • Administrative leave without pay

The accrual will be prorated based on the number of days worked in proportion to the employee’s FTE.

Example: A 12-month staff employee with 1.00 FTE and 2 years of service who is out for 15 days on extended sick leave in October would accrue 5.5 hours of paid leave for the month.

Formula: ((173.33 – lost time)/173.33) x monthly accrual rate = Prorated leave hours

Calculation (October): ((173.33-120)/173.33) x 18 = 5.5.

Employees on LWOP will not be paid for holidays that fall during the period the employee is on LWOP.

Accrual for new employees


The amount of accrual for a new employee is based on the day of the month in which the employee starts to work and in proportion to the employee’s FTE. 

A full month accrual will be granted if the employee starts to work any time from the beginning of the month through the 15th of the month (1-15).  No accrual will be granted if the new employee starts to work from the 16th to the end of the month. 

Accrual when terminating


A full month accrual will be granted if an employee terminates any time from the 16th of the month to the end of the month (16-31).  No accrual will be granted if the employee terminates any time from the first of the month through the 15th of the month. 

Grants and contracts

Employees appointed to grants and contracts accounts are expected to use all earned paid leave time during the specified period of their appointment unless

  • the grant or contract contains sufficient funds to pay accumulated leave time upon termination or
  • the employee is transferring to a department that is willing to accept the accrued leave.

Accrual rates by FTE


Accrual rates are prorated based on FTE as indicated in the following table:

FTE and Multiplier for Leave, Benefits



.50 to .59


.60 to .75


.76 to 1.00


Example: A 12-month staff employee in their third year of employment with .60 FTE would accrue 13.5 hours of paid leave for each full month worked.


18 hours ( accrual for 3 year employee with 1.00 FTE)  x .75 = 13.5 hours accrued

Movement to next accrual level

When an employee’s years of service move them to the next accrual level, the employee will receive the higher accrual rate for the entire month.

Example: A staff employee beginning their sixth year (61st month) of employment with an anniversary date of March 10 would receive an accrual rate of 20 (instead of 18) for the month of April.

Adjustments to paid leave accruals

It may be necessary to adjust leave accruals in PeopleSoft to ensure that the official record of leave is accurate.  If an employee’s record of leave continues to require adjustment, contact the Benefits Office at 271-2188.

Recording adjustments to paid leave accruals

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 172 – Paid leave Adjustment
  • 182 – ESL Adjustment
  • 179 – Resident Vacation Adjustment
  • 189 – Resident Sick Leave Adjustment

Faculty Leave Accrual

12 Month Faculty

Paid leave accrual: 22 hours per month with a maximum of 336 hours.

12-month faculty changing to a 9 or 10 month appointment must transfer all accrued paid leave time into their extended sick leave account if not used before the transfer takes place.

10 Month Faculty

Paid leave accrual: None

Extended sick leave accrual: 96 hours (12 days) per year with no maximum accrual for full-time faculty members with the rank of instructor or above who hold continuous appointments.

Absences of nine and ten month faculty for reasons other than personal illness will be charged as leave without pay.

Reference: Extended Sick Leave Policy for Nine- and Ten-month Faculty, Section 6.4.3, Faculty Handbook

Executive and Administrative Officers Leave Accrual

Paid leave accrual: 22 hours per month with a maximum of 336 hours.

Staff Leave Accrual

Paid leave accrual: Based upon years of service as indicated below.

Years of service

Monthly accrual



18 hours



20 hours


11 or more

22 hours


Recording paid leave

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 170  - Paid leave
  • 175 – Paid leave/FMLA (when FMLA-qualifying event is included)

Post Doctoral Fellows

Post doctoral fellows receive 15 days vacation and 15 days sick leave at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1). Leave balances do not carry-over.

Vacation and sick leave are prorated. Postdocs hired between the 1st and 15th of the month will receive the full month’s accrual; those hired after the 15th will not receive vacation or sick leave for the month in which they are hired.

Payout on termination or conversion to benefits eligible faculty or staff is not permitted.

OUHSC administers separate vacation and sick leaves. If a post-doc is appointed to a benefits eligible faculty or staff position, vacation and sick balances are reduced to zero and accrual begins using the appropriate PTO schedule.

Medical Residents

Medical Residents receive paid time off for vacation leave and sick leave.

Vacation Leave

Paid time off that may be used by Medical Residents for vacation, personal reasons, funeral attendance, and illness or death of a family member.   Requires the approval of the Chief Resident and other individuals as designated by each department.

Residents Vacation Leave

Residents are granted 120 hours (15 days) per year.

Time may be used immediately and may be accessed with approval. Balances are not cumulative. Residents should plan to use vacation time in the year that it is earned. Residents cannot take more time off than they will earn in an academic year.

Recording Vacation for Residents

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 178 – Medical Resident Vacation

Sick Leave

Leave used by Medical Residents for personal illness with approval of the Program Director or other individuals as designated by each department.

Residents Sick Leave

 Residents are granted120 hours (15 days) per year. If no hours have been accrued, time off for personal illness will be charged to leave without pay. If Residents request time off for reasons other than personal illness, time is to be charged to vacation leave.

Recording Sick Leave for Residents

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 188 – Medical Resident Sick Leave

Extended sick leave (ESL)

Summary of Policy


Employees must hold a continuous appointment of at least .50 FTE to accrue extended sick leave (ESL). 

ESL is available to be used for personal illness of the employee lasting longer than five (5) days.

ESL may be used only after hours have accrued. 

Acceptable medical documentation of illness or disability and supervisory authorization are required before charges to ESL are allowed.

12 month Faculty/Staff

Leave for personal illness shall be taken in the following order: five (5) days of paid leave time, extended sick leave, compensatory leave, remaining paid leave time, leave without pay.

9/10 month Faculty

Nine and ten month faculty may access extended sick leave once hours have been accrued, with approval from their supervisor.

If no hours have been accrued, time will be charged to leave without pay.

Transferring paid leave to ESL

An employee may transfer accrued paid leave time to an ESL account by submitting a written request to their supervisor or payroll coordinator. Time deposited in the extended sick leave account may not be transferred back to the employee’s paid leave account.

Recording ESL

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 180 – ESL
  • 185 -  ESL/FMLA (when applicable)



Designated paid days that the University provides to eligible employees. To be eligible for holiday pay, employees must hold a continuous appointment of at least .50 FTE.

Summary of Policy

Holiday time is granted to benefit eligible employees in proportion to their full-time equivalency.

The University recognizes 11 paid holidays each academic year. The Office of Human Resources publishes the Holiday schedule.  The Tulsa Campus may operate under varied policies and will publish a separate schedule.

9/10 month faculty and staff will be granted holiday time for those holidays which fall within the months the staff member works.

Students and other temporary employees are not eligible for paid holidays.

Receiving pay for holidays

To receive compensation for holidays, an employee must be at work or on approved leave with pay on the day preceding or the day following the designated holiday.

Terminating employees must work either the day preceding or the day following a holiday to be eligible for holiday pay. Contact Human Resources for information.

Alternative dates to designated holidays

Health Sciences Center offices will be officially closed on the holidays except where continuous operations must be sustained to avoid conflicts with patient care, teaching schedules and service-related functions.

Benefits eligible employees who are required to work on these specific dates will be given an alternative date(s) to take the designated holiday. The alternative holiday is to be scheduled between the affected employee and their supervisor.

Prorating holiday pay


Holiday compensation is prorated based on FTE for benefit eligible employees with less than 1.00 FTE.

Example 1: Prorating for an employee with one position and an FTE of .50 for the month of November (16 holiday hours).

Calculation: 16 x .5 = 8 hours of holiday pay

Example 2: Prorating for an employee with multiple positions and an FTE of .60 – eligible for benefits at 60% - for the month of November (16 Holiday hours).


  • (Position 1 .30 FTE) 16 x .30 = 4.8 hours holiday pay
  • (Position 2 .30 FTE) 16 x .30 = 4.8 hours holiday pay
  •                                  TOTAL = 9.6 hours holiday pay

Personal illness

For personal illness, 12-month faculty and 12-month staff are to take leave in the following order:

  • Five days paid leave
  • Extended sick leave
  • Compensatory Leave (if any has been accrued)
  • Paid Leave (remainder of illness)
  • Leave without Pay

Payment for leave upon termination


12-month employees who terminate employment and who have been employed by the University for more than 6 months in a benefits eligible position will be paid for accrued leave time, not to exceed the employee’s annual accrual.

Employees appointed to grants and contracts accounts are not paid for accrued leave upon termination unless the grant or contract contains a separate account with sufficient funds to pay for accumulated leave time upon termination. Grants and contracts employees are expected to use their paid leave time during their appointment period.

Retiring employees, i.e. employees receiving TRS, OU, or Social Security retirement, and the beneficiaries of deceased employees will be paid for accrued paid leave time up to the maximum accrual allowance.

12-month employees terminating before completing six-months of employment will not be paid for accrued leave.

Medical Residents and Post Doctoral Fellows will not be paid for unused leave at the time of termination.

No payment will be made for extended sick leave accruals. 9 and 10 month faculty will not be paid for extended sick leave balances.

Terminal pay will not include University recognized holidays falling within the terminal pay period.

Processing Paid Leave Payout

Complete Temporary Worker Appointment and Special Pay Request (OUPAY) and indicate hours and/or amount of the Paid Leave Termination Payout.

Administrative Leave


Administrative leave may be granted when it is determined to be in the University’s best interest that an employee not report for work for a specified period of time or for designated emergency closings of the University.

Time approved for administrative leave is not charged to accrued leave.

Administrative leave for part-time employees

Part-time employees are granted administrative leave only for the hours they were scheduled to work on the day(s) that administrative leave was authorized. 

Recording Administrative leave

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 085 – Administrative leave


Leave of Absence without Pay (LWOP)

Time off taken or granted when no paid leave time is available.


Leaves of absence without pay (LWOP) for personal reasons may be recommended by the Budget Unit Head or Medical Program Director (for Medical Residents) when it appears to be in the best interests of the University and the employee. 

LWOP may not extend beyond the end of the fiscal year or exceed one year in length.

LWOP does not count as service time worked for computation of benefits other than retirement or FMLA as specified.

FLSA-exempt employees may not be charged LWOP for absences of less than one day in duration.

Recording LWOP

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 420 – LWOP
  • 425– LWOP/FMLA (LWOP includes FMLA qualifying event)

Other Types of Leave

Resident Educational Leave

Residents may request up to five (5) days of educational leave each year.  Educational leave will be granted solely at the discretion of the Program Director, who also determines the travel reimbursement policy for the individual program.

Recording Resident Education Leave

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 120 – Medical Residents Educational Leave


A sabbatical leave may either involve specialized scholarly activity or be designed to provide broad, cultural experience, and enlarged perspective.

A sabbatical leave may be granted to any regular faculty member of the Health Sciences Center by the President of the University with the approval of the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents, provided that the time is applied to study and travel, and that the applicant meets the conditions for a regular sabbatical or a mini-sabbatical as set forth in the Faculty handbook.

Recording Sabbatical leave

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 100 – Sabbatical w/full salary
  • 110 – Sabbatical w/half salary

Judicial (Jury) leave

Leave time to fulfill subpoenaed judicial responsibilities. Pay will be given to employees on a continuous appointment who are 1) called for jury duty or 2) subpoenaed as a witness before a court of law, legislative committee, or judicial body.

Documentation is required to access time off for judicial (jury) leave and should be maintained in the department file.

Recording Judicial leave

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 080 – Jury Duty

Military leave

Non-temporary employees who are members of the Oklahoma National Guard or any branch of the United States Military or its reserve components are entitled to a leave of absence with pay for the first 30 regularly scheduled calendar days of active military duty during any federal fiscal year (October 1 through September 30) as stipulated by law when ordered to active or inactive duty.  


44 OS §209, Leave of absence to public officers and employees

72 OS §48, Leave of absence during active or inactive duty or service - Public employees

The leave with pay will not be charged against paid leave or other accrued benefits. 

Pay and Pay Differential. The following guidelines are applicable for military leaves on or after September 11, 2001, and during the period that “Operation Enduring Freedom” is in effect:

During the first 30 regularly scheduled calendar days, employees will be placed on 090 - Military Leave (paid) and receive their full regular pay.

For leave that extend beyond 30 regularly scheduled calendar days, the University will pay the difference between the employee’s full regular pay and their military pay, if any, but the employee shall be coded as 097 – Military differential.


OU Call-up of Military Personnel Guidelines

The employee must provide a copy or original of written military orders before time off can be granted.

Recording Military leave

PeopleSoft earning codes:

  • 090 – Military Leave (paid)
  • 095 – Military leave w/o pay
  • 097 – Military differential

Disciplinary leave

An employee may be placed on a leave of absence with or without pay when it is in the best interest of the university to do so.

  • with pay: 1 working day
  • without pay: up to 5 working days

Recording Disciplinary leave

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 085 – Administrative leave
  • 087 – Administrative Leave w/o pay

Investigative Suspension

An employee may be placed on an investigative suspension and temporarily released from duty for up to five working days with pay to permit investigation of apparently serious infractions of University and/or departmental rules, policies, or applicable law. Extensions may be granted at the discretion of the Chief HR Officer. (Adopted: 7/1/11)

Recording Investigative Suspension

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 085 – Administrative leave

Workers’ Compensation (WC)

Absence as the result of an on-the-job injury.

Recording WC

Leave related to Workers’ Compensation does not need to be tracked as such, but should be tracked if the employee is on FMLA: use the appropriate FMLA code.

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

FMLA is recorded In conjunction with other instances of absence.

Recording FMLA

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 175 – Paid leave/FMLA
  • 185 – ESL/FMLA
  • 425 – LWOP/FMLA

Overtime (OT)


Compensation for hourly (FLSA non-exempt) employees required to work in excess of forty (40) hours in a designated work week.   

Overtime work must be approved in advance by the supervisor and in writing using the Employee Time Request form.

Part-time employees (less than 1.00 FTE), do not accrue OT unless they work more than 40 hours in a designated work week.

Designated Work Week

The designated work week begins at 12:01 a.m. Saturday and ends the following Friday at midnight.

OT Pay

FLSA non-exempt (hourly) employees are paid overtime at time-and-one-half for the time worked in excess of forty (40) hours during a given workweek.  The PeopleSoft HCM will calculate pay for the hours entered as overtime at time and one-half.

Whenever an FLSA non-exempt (hourly) employee working in multiple budget units exceeds forty (40) hours in a given week, the budget unit exceeding the appointed Full Time Equivalent (FTE) will be responsible for paying the time-and-one-half rate exceeding the forty (40) hours.

Excluded from overtime compensation are unscheduled paid leave, extended sick leave, and services that are occasional and sporadic in nature, performed solely at the employee’s discretion, and that are unrelated to the type of work normally performed by the employee (e.g. taking tickets, parking cars, etc.)

FLSA exempt employees are not normally eligible for overtime pay.

Compensatory time off in lieu of OT pay

Compensatory time is an alternative method for compensating FLSA non-exempt (hourly) employees who work overtime.

No employee will be required to receive compensatory time in lieu of overtime pay unless agreement or understanding is reached before the performance of the work.

Compensatory time off must be taken within one year of the date of accumulation. Employees will be automatically paid for compensatory time not taken after one year.

No more than ninety (90) hours of compensatory time (60 hours worked) may be accumulated. Employees will be paid automatically for any compensatory hours in excess of ninety (90).

Transferring or terminating employees will be required to use all compensatory hours before transferring or be paid by the department in which the compensatory time was accrued.

FLSA exempt employees are not normally eligible for compensatory time. Exceptions to this policy must be approved in advance by the appropriate provost or vice president.

Recording Compensatory Time

PeopleSoft earning code:

  • 920 – Comp time earned
  • 935 – Comp time taken
  • 940 – Comp time Paid Out